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Welcome to Physioville Physiotherapy Center

Here at Physioville, we aim to provide physiotherapy services catered to your specific needs, no matter what your requirements are, we will customize a treatment regimen for you to ensure that we can attain the best possible outcome working together on your physical health and your wellbeing.

Our Services
  • Physiotherapy Services
  • Sports physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Modalities
Post-operative rehabilitation
Assessment and course of treatment after surgical operations.
Stimulating certain points on the body with the use of needles, to
Joint Mobilization
Joint therapy techniques aimed at restoring optimal motion and func
Dry Needling
Muscle pain therapy through the use of either solid filiform needle
Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
Techniques designed to prevent injury and rehabilitate physical mov
EMS training with Miha body teck
A full body workout by employing hardly noticeable external electro
Medical Training Therapy
Medical training therapy consists of incorporating an active form o
Exercise prescription
Specific plan of fitness-related activities developed for your need
Laser Therapy
The use of low-level lasers to stimulate tissue and encourage cells
Spinal Traction
A form of decompression therapy that can be performed manually of m
Shockwave Therapy
The use of abrupt, high amplitude pulses to help treat physical con
Infrared Therapy
Treatment by exposure to various wavelengths of infrared to relieve

No services found against service group

Our Team
  • Dr. Mohamed Najeeb, Physiotherapy
  • Dr. Ahmed Naggar, Physiotherapy
Why Choose Us

Our highly-trained team of experts come with vast experience and provide sustainable care to all of our patients. This ensures that your treatment is being planned out every step of the way, and that your recovery is seamless.

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